Friday, June 26, 2009

work in progress

(today's draft, which could disappear very soon depending on x and y and z--Keith)

The King of Pop

“Michael Jackson showed me that you can actually see the beat.”
                                                P. Diddy

You can see the beat, all right,
though it’s better to feel it,
even if we’re talking moonwalk.
You can slow it to a crawl
with Demerol. You can tour
with Bubbles the chimp and name
your children Prince or Blanket.
You can cut your own nose off
and sell it to a sheik. It’s not enough.

There’s always a little more
if the show goes on, as it must.
There’s the history of racism,
for instance.  If God exists
so does P.T. Barnum. Peter Pan.
You wouldn’t know it by the numbers
but death is white, very white.
God bless you Michael, big as Elvis.
God bless America, and good night.


  1. x as in Malcom X
    y as in the Y generation
    and z, as in cable channel Z?

  2. X as in I decide that I can no longer tolerate the draft or the idea of the draft, y as in I decide that I want to take it offline to work on rather than do that online, and z as in circumstances and/or events or something else encourage me to abandon the draft. Easy as ABC really.

  3. Worth a look:

  4. "The nation that defeated manifest evil in World War Two woke up one day years later to find itself stripped of its manhood, mentally enslaved to cheap entertainments, and hostage to its own grandiosity."- nice A to Z