Sunday, June 7, 2009


“In geology, subduction is the process
…at convergent boundaries
one tectonic plate moves
under another”(Wikipedia)

Recording Earthquakes

The trench forms volcanoes above
the subduction and water sweats out.

I think behind the face which called
from Japan (and brought back the coasters).

I told her love can interfere
where it’s hot; then injury and absence

are igneous corridors of wronged heat
extending down trenches--no dopamine.


"Lorenz…developed…fixed action patterns….
a fixed action pattern is…instinctive
indivisible …and runs to completion…
invariant and…produced by
a neural network…in response to…
(a)sign stimulus…from one individual
to another" (Wikipedia)

It’s not how you do it it's what you do,
because how is what.

War Chest
(Inner Demons)

Inner demons unify a poet’s target enemy,
And guerrilla work is work done on what’s left,
Of the cheating, awkwardness, and lethargy.
New utterance changes our fortitude into
A trembling adrenaline of being.
The age of despair is a loosening void
Now renewed towards a more current seeing.
And all that’s uncanny from old sublimations
Is now in a spoil-chest from an earlier war,
all that commotion from un-imprinting
oppressive tongues and their hallowed lore.
It’s a difficult age minus aged that’s become,
which leaves little room for the sum of before.

The Memorial

She no longer talks of how he refused
her father's help with the building a fire.
An arrow arcs then lingers below
water in its wake: the fire
Always quieting, a return that's different:
no bedsores, no womb swish, no sea lights at the synapse;
and smells electrical soften me
over to some sort of dimming; more dimming.

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