Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Circle Makers

A newish poem, with slight revisions since some saw it in workshop. Cuts, a few new line breaks.

Inspired somewhat by Wallace Stevens and his "priest of the invisible" quote. Still playing with a title-- originally it was "The Circle Game" until I realized I ripped it off from Margaret Atwood.

The Circle Makers

I am drawing circles around
what cannot be drawn—tighter
& tighter, until only a thin line
defines the unknown.

& I have been squatting at the edge
of each, attempting to sound
gray—never to strike firm earth but
plumbing depth all the same.

Once, I saw someone drawing circles
wider than I imagined possible—so wide
they encompassed themselves. In the shallows,
they were on their bellies, drowning in what
they refused to know.

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