Thursday, May 28, 2009

from "Roaring Spring"

I will not be available so late
I’m suspicious, and I am darling you
holding your head, so sweet on you.

Sweet pomander. Salt your mouth.

Tell me no jughead ronnie’s gone

I was checking out books from the
inside of my head oval
room light at one end

A book about kiting

To make the banner language flap
on a long string
That will be
there/their, beautiful.


  1. Yr delightful house-sitter let me get the sneak preview of yr new book... AND it's super, superfine -- can't wait to hear more installments from the epic romance structure. (Does one plan a 'close' to such things? Wouldn't matter in any case, since some of yr other chapbooks have tantalizing/ effective 'excerpts' from sequences - that's methoughts anyhoo.) Have a great time in Ole Blighty (sigh). Too busy completing my Sesame Street and Muppets audio collection to post much else right now (oh, yeah, and my reading list). mar(k

  2. thanks mark! yeah I bet i work on the romance till Global-Warmed and the exodus to moon of Titan. I'm not Against Closure, but I don't know how to do plot. Loving the England. Your rhyming thing is good fun -- is it a procedural piece doing substitutions on Pope or somebody, or a wacky imitation?